Charting paths for your members’ or employees’ journey to success

Just like climbing a mountain, businesses constantly have to find new ways of thinking and acting to remain successful and summit to the top. At the same time trustees of stand-alone funds and advisory bodies of umbrella funds cannot hover at base camp, they also need to make sure that their members reach retirement success.

Whether you are an employer or a trustee you cannot summit alone. We understand your challenges and we have the right tools to help you on your journey to the top.

On your way you might face extreme conditions such as legislative, economic and technological changes. At Momentum Consultants and Actuaries we are here for you, just like the Sherpas (Everest’s workforce) on the mountain, to craft new paths and assist you until you reach the top.

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Leading the way

We lead the way for your employees or members to summit.


We keep things simple yet empowering with innovative advice solutions. By avoiding unnecessary complexity, we save you time and make sure you get value for money with the advice and services we offer.


Financial success

We help you chart your employees’ or members’ path to financial success to improve their financial outcomes by using strategies that work for them in changing life conditions.


Flexible solutions

We provide flexible solutions and the right tools that can be adapted to the ever-changing landscape.



We help you engage with your members to help them understand their benefits.


Strength of our team

We are a team of highly-skilled professionals, including actuaries, CFA and CFP charter holders, chartered accountants and lawyers. Our team is backed by extremely efficient support staff.

Let us help you plan your summit

The view from the top is exquisite and clear. Take a bit of time to enjoy it and then continue working with us to get safely to the bottom and plan your next summit. More than 300 corporate clients and funds trust us with more than R60bn assets under advice.
For more information on how to climb your own mountain, please complete the form and we will contact you.