Our innovative and comprehensive advisory services include:

Employee benefits consulting

Each climber has unique needs; the same applies to employees and members. We focus our advice on tailored benefit structures with their unique and individual needs in mind.

As unbiased fund consultants we source the most suitable and cost-effective solutions in the market. Using data analytics we provide insights into the behaviour of your employees or members. These insights allow us to recommend behavioural interventions to improve their financial outcomes.

Legal and technical consulting

Mountain climbing is only successful if defined measures are in place with some room for manoeuvring if circumstances change. It’s the same in the highly-regulated financial services environment, where consumer awareness is increasing and good governance is critical.

Our expert legal and technical advice team is well represented on industry bodies to provide you with up-to-date and relevant advice and guidance.

Asset consulting

Climbing a mountain can be as volatile as the investment markets and in these conditions, appropriate investment advice and solutions should result in your employees or members achieving their savings outcomes.

Our innovative investment advice places your employees’ or members’ needs at the centre of the investment process and is enhanced with independent and regular reporting on performance. We do not charge a consulting fee when the Houseview investment range of portfolios’ performance is lower than inflation, this makes us unique in the market.

Actuarial consulting

You need the right partners to join you on the journey. The same applies to your actuarial needs. Our services include:

- Liability-driven solutions
- Post-retirement medical liability solutions
- Defined benefit retirement funds
- Pre-funding solutions
- Retirement fund pensioner outsourcing

Healthcare consulting

An unhealthy employee cannot normally succeed in their job, let alone contemplate climbing a mountain. Healthcare consulting is an important component of employee benefits. Our service includes:

- Creating a healthcare strategy
- Reporting on benefit utilisation
- Facilitating employer committee meetings
- Market evaluations
- Year-end option changes
- Face-to-face consultations with employees

Member advisory services

Just like climbers could give up for various reasons, members or employees can also lose interest in financial planning, for example when investment returns are poor. We give your employees or members access to advice so that they are more likely to achieve their goals.

We do this by engaging with them through training, workshops, coaching, induction sessions and retirement benefit counselling services.


Through our SmartAdvice solutions we obtain and interpret valuable insights to help us understand your employees’ or members’ preferences and needs. This allows us to create customised solutions to meet their unique needs and risk profiles.

The SmartAdvice surveys include:

Provides you with information on the health of your employees or members to determine their insurance cover needs.

Assists you to better understand the investment needs of your members and helps you formulate the investment strategy of your fund.

Assists members and employers to decide on the level of the medical aid cover they require.

Provides trustees with information on the effectiveness of their current communication strategy and how to improve it.

Gives you valuable insights on member behaviour and the progress made towards their desired retirement outcomes.

It provides a single view of the status of the governance principles and processes of your fund.